We help deliver successful product promotions.

We’re happy to say we’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s most respected brands, working hand-in-hand to create successful promotions. Each project has their own marketing goals which have allowed us to show diversity in providing innovative solutions. Here are some examples.


Gift with purchase 

The New Zealand magazine environment is very competitive and a gift with purchase can often swing the sale and we’re often asked to source a cover-mounted gift. There’s not usually a big budget but the idea has to have a big impact. This gift worked its socks off, a gorgeous bikini that was designed by readers and produced by us. Sales hit the roof.

Corporate Merchandise

Mercury Energy came to us when they were sponsoring a Movie Night in the park. To create high brand visibility we produced branded light sticks for the movie goers. It worked so well, their brand idea shone and they ended up repeating the order.

Innovative Ideas

Woodstock drinkers are often rewarded with a gift with purchase. The target market is young, a party animal, into cars and having a good time. Avalon branded the fluffy car dice with the Woodstock brand for each dot on the dice. It really hit the spot - it was so popular in fact, they’ve ordered it over and over again.


Custom promotional goods

Robert Harris had a new product to launch in the market place - coffee bags – just like a tea bag only coffee. Avalon worked with the team to design a custom coffee plunger as a premium giveaway for the launch of the new coffee bag. With heavily advertised supermarket promotions and television advertising the product was a huge success and repeated several times. The plunger was so successful it has now become a product line for sale. What a great result! 


Plunket Bear Hug Appeal… Give us a Hug!

After Avalon produced a gorgeous 20cm Plunket teddy bear used for fundraising in conjunction with the BNZ, the Plunket CEO wanted an even better way of promoting this event the following year. Avalon produced a 90cm bear to raise the profile of the campaign. Literally growing with the brand!

The Give a Hug campaign was also supplemented with collection pin badges, supplied in beautiful custom designed collection boxes and bear ear headbands.

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