Te Reo Colour Pencils 12pc 17.8cm


A box of hexagonal Te Reo colouring pencils, designed to help learners understand and learn colours in Māori.

Each coloured pencil has the Māori translation written onto it to teach children Te Reo.

  • The box contains 12pcs.
  • Each pencil is 17.8cm long with 3mm lead.
  • The full product in packaging is 8cm x 21cm.
  • Made from softened poplar wood and anti-break bonded leads.
  • Non-toxic.

These Te Reo colour pencils are part of a wide range of Te Reo learning products. These products create a bilingual learning system to aid learners and teachers.

These Te Reo colour pencils are part of the Learning Toolbox brand, giving a wide range of learning tools for schools and families.

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